How Does Marine Phytoplankton and Algae Help Your Health

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Ocean Nectar Marine Phytoplankton

Marine phytoplankton and algae have sparked a worldwide interest in the probable health benefits it can have. It can be attributed to the increased focus on the use of natural, nutritional medicine.

But whatever the reason behind its sudden popularity be, it is important to know how does marine phytoplankton and algae help your health in the first place.

Well, marine phytoplankton and algae are rich in a very wide spectrum of carotenoids, nutrients, amino acids and minerals.

Being ocean based plants, they are very rich in minerals found in ocean water that have been proved to prevent and as much as reverse serious diseases.

There are enough examples to support this claim. Marine phytoplankton and algae are extremely rich in selenium that is known to halt the growth of cancerous tumors.

They also contain zinc which enhances the rate of tissue repair in our body.

Marine phytoplankton contains chromium that regulates blood sugar levels by boosting insulin sensitivity.

Another crucial mineral is iodine that has been proved to regulate thyroid and prevent the occurrence of breast cancer.

Not only is the marine produce rich in crucial minerals but how does marine phytoplankton and algae help your health is further substantiated by the evidence that their intake ensures detoxification of the blood, improves blood circulation and enhances oxygenation.

The reason behind such astounding results is that marine phytoplankton works at the cellular level and is thus very effective in repairing the nervous system, liver, and in regulating endocrine function.

It is also known to correct sleeping disorders and help patients with severe weight problems.

Also, being organic and natural, there is no associated threat of adverse effects or triggering of reactions by the body.

There are no associated side effects and you could consume this for as long as you wish, even if that spans your entire lifetime.

Making use of diet supplements like marine phytoplankton and algae makes much more sense as we do not consume medicines till we are actually affected by some disease or the other.

The point is that why should we wait until some silent disease starts thriving on our bodies and then take measures to drive it out of our system.

 Is it not better to modify our diet to cater to the mineral needs and equip ourselves via nutrition to prevent the occurance of any kind of abnormality at all?

It would thus be very true to say that marine phytoplankton and algae are wholesome food medicines that comprise of diverse nutritional elements which work in synergy throughout the body.

It offers a very positive breakaway from the symptom specific medication that leads to a bunch of medicines, each for the different symptoms encountered by the patient.

This scenario will undergo a change once you realise how does marine phytoplankton and algae help your health in a very holistic manner and how it can help to prevent most of the diseases.

So it would be better to stop suspecting what is organic and stop presuming chemicals as the only saviours for our health.

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